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LangeLee's Catering

Private & Corporate Caterers


LangeLee's Catering

Private & Corporate Caterers



Classic Mixed Sandwich £16

32 quarters includes the following fillings: Cheddar & pickle/ honey roast ham & salad/ free range egg mayo & cress/ tuna mayo & cucumber

Deluxe Mixed Sandwich £20

32 quarters includes the following fillings: Coronation chicken/ smoked salmon & cream cheese/ avocado feta & tomato/hummus & roast peppers

Sausage Rolls £16

24 Homemade with the following flavours: Cumberland/ maple/ Cheddar

 Vegetarian Sausage Rolls £15

24 Homemade using a mixture of soya & rusk with the following flavours: Cumberland/ maple/ Cheddar

Bobotie Rolls £20

 LangeLee's twist on a South African dish. 24 pieces with curried minced meat & sultanas in puff pastry

Cheese Board £20

Platter includes:Crackers/biscuits/cheese/chutney/olives

Honey Roast Ham £20

Cold slices of cooked honey roast ham with pickles/chutneys/relishes

 Ploughmans' £20 

Platter includes:Pork pies/ scotch eggs/ sausage rolls/ chutneys/ relishes/pickles

Sticks 'n' Dips £10

Cucumber/celery/carrot & pepper sticks with hummus

Smoked Salmon Canape £18

18 Crisp flatbread with:Creme fraiche/ avocado/ cream cheese

Mozzarella & Tomato Canape  £18

18 Toasted crostini with mozzarella tomato & pesto

Parma Ham & Rocket Canape  £18

18 Parma ham, goats' cheese & rocket roll up

Curried Chicken Canape £18

18 Pastry cases filled with coronation chicken & rocket

 Goats' Cheese Canape £18

18 Caramelised red onion & Goats' cheese tartlets

Quiche £20

Choice of:Lorraine/ Cheddar & onion

Curried Sweet Potato Salad £10

Homemade with curried sweet potato, sultanas & chives

Mixed Bean Mexican Salad £10

Homemade with:Roasted peppers/onion/courgette tossed with long grain rice & mixed beans

Coleslaw £10

Homemade & creamy with:Red cabbage/carrot/onion & mayonnaise

Scones & Jam £20

18 Homemade plain scones with mixed preserves, clotted cream & butter

Banoffee Pie £20

Homemade classic with bananas,cream & toffee on a crumbed biscuit base

Brownie Tray £12

Homemade brownies made with 4 different types of chocolate

Peppermint Crisp Millionaire Shortbread Tray £12

Homemade classic with a LangeLee’s twist: Shortbread layered with caramel, chocolate & peppermint crisp.